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Saturday, 9 August 2008


Champion Reefs is one of the main mining areas in the Kolar Gold Fields in India. The area is situated near Andersonpet in Kolar District. It has got in it the deepest mining shaft in Asia. Once again this place is named after a British officer called Champion. The Kolar Gold Fields is spread around 17 square kilometers and goes as down deep as 17,000 feet. The mines have been closed.

Champion reefs was once dominated by anglo indian foremen miners.

Reginald Gregory was the first chief miner who started the mining project at Champion Reefs, headed by taylor & Sons they soon were able to purchase other mines.


Trivia of Kolar Gold Fields

1 People from as far as Kolar could see the lights of this once prosperous city

2 KGF was known as "Little England" by the British, due to its more temperate weather and a landscape more similar to Britain's. It also had a sizable Anglo-Indian Population who worked in the various mines in different capacities.

3 The city is on the Deccan Plateau of central and south India, about 2891 feet above sea level

4 The Champion Reefs mine was the second deepest underground mine in the world when it was operational.

5 Silicosis, a form of pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust, was first identified in KGF

6 National Institute of Miners Health had its headquarters in KGF

7 One can see the old British bungalows and buildings even today in good shape in KGF

8 Mr.K.H.Muniyappa union minister has been successful in reopening this closed mines and giving life to the almost dead city. It is told that it was his election promise.

9 KGF has been in the news recently in connection with the murder of S.Manjunath, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) manager who was killed for doing his duty. He was from Vivek Nagar.

10 KGF played a major part in the prosperity of the British Empire

11 A collaboration of particle physicists from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, Osaka City University, Japan and Durham University, UK recorded the first cosmic ray neutrino interaction in an underground laboratory in KGF mines in 1965.

12 KGF also has the distinction of having a Golf course started by the Britisher's dating back to 1885 and affiliated to Indian Golf Union


schools and Colleges in Kolar Gold Fields


KGF has an Engineering College, a Dental College, a few Mining schools and number of good schools.

Important Colleges

1 .The most famous college in the city is K.G.F FIRST GRADE COLLEGE. (F.G.C.)

2. Subhashini women college is also famous and old college.

3. Government job oriented and Pre univercity college at cornatation town.

4. Sri Mahaveer jain college at Robertson Pet

5. Golden Vally Instuate of enggeanring college .

6. Sambarams group’s Hotel management college at BEML Nagar.

7. Sambarams group’s Dental college at Beml Nagar.

8. Noori school of nursing and Paramacy college at Anderson pet.

9. School of Mines at Coromandel post.

10. First grade college at BEML Nagar.

11. St .Mary’s lab technican instuate at Iradiya puram.

12. St .Mary’s Pre universcity college at champion Reef.

13. St. Thearasa Pre univercity college at 3rd cross Robertson Pet.

14. Sambaram group’s nursing college in BEML Nagar.

15. Government Indusrial Training Instuate ( I.T.I ) in BEML Nagar.

16. Law college at Marikuppam.

!7. Bharath Polytechinic at Bangarpet.

Important schools.

1. St. Mary’s school at Champion reef

2. St. Joseph Girls school at Champion reef .

3. St. Thearasa school at Robertson Pet.

4. B.G.M.L. school at Five Lights.

5. Sarvadoiea school at champion reef , next to St. Mary’s School.

6. Sumathi Jain school at Sumathi nagar Robertson pet.

7. Jain school at 1st cross Robertson pet.

8. BEML school at BEML Nagar.

9. Mining Challappa school at Marikuppam.

10. Government Telugu school at marikuppam, Near Rodjes Upstair Block .

11. Sri Nampermal school at Anderson Pet.

12. Noori school at Anderson Pet.

13. Central school at BEML Nagar.

14. William Richard school at champion reef and BEML Nagar.

15. Kamala Nehru school at Oorigaum pet.

16. Mariyas school at Oorigaum, Opp to Railway station.


People and culture of KOLAR GOLD FIELDS

People from many different places are settled in the Kolar Gold Fields Tamil speaking people from the north and south Arcot districts of Tamil Nadu. There are also Telugu speaking people from Kuppam, Ramakuppam, V-kota and other places from Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. So the culture has influence of all three states Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Given the mixture of population, many festivals are celebrated; the most famous and popular one being the Lakshmi Venkateshwara Jaatre and the Mother of Mines Feast is also most famous .The mining hospital has the distinction of being the best hospital in the whole of the Kolar district. A goddess temple (uadendamma kovil ) situated near by the hospital is famous because of the legend that it was built by British personnel. The Hospital is recognized for occupational disease treatment. The Gold Company which is known as Bharat Gold Mines Limited has come out of various combination and permentations. The company has record chairman such as Morarji Desai as chairman of this company and some of the erstwhile chief Ministers of Mystore state as chairmen.

Bharat Earth Movers a premier earth mover manufacturing factory is located in Kolar Gold fields.