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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Music4life at St Mark's catheaderal

As i went to St Marks cathedral church in Bangalore at M.G. Road for organ workshop which was conducted by Mr Fergus Urquhart and Rev Carole Elphick. Only ten of them were presented and out of ten only three of them were from K.G.F. it was like Heaven at St Mark's Cathedral church the alter was very beautiful and there was a organ which had multi pedals and there was Yamaha organ and two piano and also a huge pipe organ at top of the altar which was amazing to see.

As the workshop started Mr Fergus and Rev Carole was in front Mr Fergus played organ and Rev Carole sang some hymns, she had a beautiful voice and Mr Fergus played Organ and Piano .

And some church members also played organ. I Will try to upload the videos in the next post.
you can check the photos now .

Last Supper and the last ray"s of the sun of the day

It was wonderful day i was in church for last supper service. When turned towards window i saw the last rays of the sun on that day and i just took my camera and captured the last snap of the day.

Location : Near Good shepherd church Railway level crossing, Marikuppam K.G.F
Date :01:04:2010 at 06:05 P.M.

Photo by santhosh p kumar

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Visitors from United Reformed Church (Thames North Synod) U.K.

Mr SatiyaNathan giving thanks to Mr Deadass
Rev. Dr. Y Pushparaj amd Myself with U.K. Friends.

Rev. Dr. Y Pushparaj and his son P. Rajesh Kumar with U.K. friends.

Church Elders with U.K. Friends

Rev Theoder William Translating the message from english to Tamil which was spoken by Rev Carole Elphick

Elder member of Good Shepherd Giving thanks to Mr Fergus Urquhart.

Mr George garlanding to Mr Matthews Prevet
Rev Theoder William (Area chairman K.G.F. (C.S.I. K.C.D)) welcoming U.K. Guests

Mrs Buela Michel Garlanding to Rev Carole Elphick

Mr Walter Garlanding to Mr James O' Hara.

Wish you a Happy Easter.
oday It was Easter and the service and Mass has been held in all the church in K.G.F. at
5:00 a.m. and when i went to Good Shepherd church to attend early morning Easter service
I felt glad to see friends from U.K.

Four friends from London
Rev Carole Elphick
Mr James O' Hara
Mr Matthew Prevett and
Mr Fergus Urquhart.

They were from Music4life
Music & the Arts in Worship Group

They entered inside the Church and started to capture motion pictures from there JVC handycam and also participated in Holy Communion. When I asked about the Music of our Country they replied that the carnatic way of Indian music and worship is good and very soul full and felt very happy.

They have come to see and to collect information about Indian Literature and Tamil way of Worship at Good Shepherd Church. And on Monday 5 of April 2010 at 1:30 P.m. Mr Fergus Urquhart is going to conduct a organ workshop I Am planning to go, he has Personally invited me, with all God's grace there ministry should be known to each and every one in this world.
Its our privilege to welcome you again to our church and to city .

Thank you all .

And we thank Mr Devadas (Sub-Inspecter of Police Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India )for giving us wonderfull words of God from Good friday to Easter sunday i.e., from 2nd April to 4th April 2010

Thank you all
santhosh P kumar