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Friday, 22 August 2008

Seismic Monitoring of Rockbursts and Underground Blastings for Assessing the Stability of Deep Mine Workings at Kolar Gold Fields,

Abstract: Rockbursts (RBs) are known to occur in and around deep mines like Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) in South India, since the beginning of this century. A rockburst is characterised by a sudden collapse of excavated region because of void created during the mining operation. At large depths the problem of RB is quite severe which is a major hazard not only to mining workers, but also to property, both on surface and underground. In order to locate precisely the sources of RBs and also the blastings in the deep mines for investigation and assessment of stability of underground mine workings, current development in seismic recording technique has been used by establishing seismic network with 14 geophones and another microseismic network with 8 high frequency geophones at KGF These systems have been providing accurate information of the strata stability and enabled the mining engineers to assess the safety of mines more reliably. This paper summarises the details of monitoring set-up, analysis of data together with some recent results.


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