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Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Mc Tag’s Incline Shaft.

The above Photographs are Mysore mines Mc Tag’s Incline Shaft. Which is located in Marikuppam at kolar gold fields, Karnataka state, INDIA?
Opposite to Marikuppam Railway station.

# the photo no zero is Mc Tag's gold mines shaft.
# the first Photo is Mc Tag’s incline Shaft.
# Second photo is Mc Tag’s incline shafts Engine room which is closed state and full of bushes covered.
# Third Photo is inside view of the shaft, which is covered by bushes.
# Fourth photo is Administrative block which is destroyed.
# Fifth photo is Employees canteen which is destroyed and covered with bushes.
# Securities guards for closed Mc Tag’s Incline Shaft.
Guards from
Left is Mr. Srinivas,
Center Mr. Krishna and
Right Mr. Ravi

The bike is mine. The bike Model is TVS Star City.
Photo by Santhosh P kumar


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